Last Update: April 08, 2014

Team Manila Lifestyle: The Brand

Team Manila Lifestyle draws inspiration from the urban lifestyle, culture and imagery of the city of Manila, capital of the Philippines. From graphic interpretations of national icons to silhouettes of odds and ends from everyday life in the city’s streets, Team Manila Lifestyle incorporates anything and everything that exemplifies life in Manila. The shirts, totes, pouches, wallets, bags, limited edition prints, artwork and other lifestyle accessories intend to stand as stylish reminders of the truly unique qualities of what many consider mundane and everyday, elevating all-too familiar lampposts, jeepneys, road signs and beyond, to iconic status.


Team Manila Graphic Design Studio: The Roots

Team Manila started out as multi-disciplinary graphic design studio in 2001, which today still stands and continues to grow as a leading graphic design studio in the country garnering numerous awards locally and internationally. The former 2-man team of Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan now has diversified into two registered companies with a combined team of over 50 passionate and hardworking people, the Team Manila Graphic Design Studio and Team Manila Lifestyle, collectively known as Team Manila.

With 5 stores and over 40 resellers in the Philippines and in countries such as the USA, Canada, France, Dubai and Singapore, Team Manila Lifestyle has evolved into a total lifestyle brand, diversifying its product range from fashion and hobbies to home accessories, still in line with its mantra to Inspire Manila’s Visual Culture.